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The Subrina hair care story began in 1958. That is when the Ilirija company presented the first conditioner for rapid hair regeneration called Subrina on the market of the former Yugoslavia. The Narta line of shampoos was thus joined by a hair cosmetics product that was unique at the time, the hair conditioner. The product radically changed the habits of consumers and hairdressers when it came to hair care and set an important milestone in the area of hair cosmetics development.

As opposed to shampoo, the conditioner contained a new ingredient whose chemical structure regenerates the cuticle scale of hair immediately upon application, thus making the hair soft, shiny and radiant. This allowed users to care for their hair at home and get rid off split ends, hair brushing was made easier, and hairdressers could also style the hair more easily.

Over the years, Subrina became a synonym for a conditioner that is known both in Slovenia and abroad. Over 60 years of existence, it became synonymous with cared-for and healthy hair. From the early beginnings in 1958 until now, Subrina today proudly represents the pinnacle of Slovenian hair cosmetics development.


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