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Oriental Scent



Unwind with the Chill Out oil shower gel which will wrap your body in the luxurious scent of mysterious India. It contains hemp oil which moisturises the skin thoroughly, making it soft and supple. Vegan formula.

plastenka pearl drops


The Perfume drops nourishing shower gel for a fragrant indulgence. Your skin will boast the attractive fragrance of oriental perfume. Vegan formula. 

pure prestige


Envelop yourself in the veil of rich, sweet and fresh perfume scent, encaputred in the Subrina Pure Prestige oil shower gel. The added prestigious saffron oil will make your skin silky soft after showering. Vegan formula.

plastenka morocan copy


A very careing oily shower gel Subrina Moroccan Treasure with argan oil and the delicate scent. Experience the luxury care and envelop your body in a scent of a secret land of the Berbers. Vegan formula.