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Floral Scent

plastenka SENSUAL VANILLA 72dpi rgb


 The seductive and subtle vanilla in the rich oil shower gel Sensual Vanilla pampers all your senses. The softness of sweet fragrance notes, laced with a stunning warm scent will encircle you with a sense of comfort and luxury. Without allergens - also suitable for sensitive skin. Vegan formula.

  rose garden

Envelop your body in the fragrant aroma of sweet-smelling roses with 'Rose Garden' shower gel. Vegan formula. 

Subrina fresh elder 425x772px


Envelop your body with an intoxicating aroma of sweet elderflower enriched with the freshness of mint and delicious lime. Aromatic combination of the gentle shower gel Fresh Elder creates an atmosphere of a sunny day in the middle of a forest clearing, which will relax all your senses. Vegan formula. 

plastenka CHERY copy


Provide fragrant pampering to yourself and your skin with Subrina Cherry Blossom shower gel. Cover your body with the seductive scent of cherry blossom. Vegan formula.

plastenka juice jasmin


Wrap yourself in the seductive scent of sophisticated jasmine blossoms and juicy white peach. The Juicy Jasmine nurturing shower gel will turn a simple shower into a gentle, sensuous, fragrant experience enriched with precious perfume essences. Vegan formula.