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The company, today known as Ilirija d. d., started in 1908, when the company's founder, Franc Golob, together with 6 of his associates started a company called Golob & Ko. They started manufacturing shoe and leather cleaning products for which Ilirija brand name was used for the first time. After some time, the factory was renamed to Ilirija. In 1923 Ivan Rozman, an extraordinary chemist, became his partner. He used his knowledge to expand the production to candles, washing and nourishing soaps and washing powders. After the 2nd World War the company was renamed to Ilirija.


GOLOB & KO, the predecessor of Ilirija

The Subrina hair care story began in 1958. That is when the Ilirija company presented the first conditioner for rapid hair regeneration called Subrina on the market of the former Yugoslavia. The Narta line of shampoos was thus joined by a hair cosmetics product that was unique at the time, the hair conditioner. The product radically changed the habits of consumers and hairdressers when it came to hair care and set an important milestone in the area of hair cosmetics development.


The early days of the Subrina conditioner

As opposed to shampoo, the conditioner contained a new ingredient whose chemical structure regenerates the cuticle scale of hair immediately upon application, thus making the hair soft, shiny and radiant. This allowed users to care for their hair at home and get rid off split ends, hair brushing was made easier, and hairdressers could also style the hair more easily.


Narta Studio hairdressers at work

The Subrina conditioner developed into an increasingly popular hair care product. Applying conditioner has become just as indispensable as using shampoo. Even the earliest conditioner formulas were enriched with proteins and plant extracts.


Subrina conditioner in different packaging

Expanding over the years, by the early 90s the hair care line included conditioners for different hair types: normal, coloured, permed and thin hair. In addition to conditioners, Ilirija developed a panthenol mask for treating damaged hair and ends. All products contained a moisturising aloe vera extract, which was also pictured on the packaging. At the time, the Subrina brand was positioned as a top-level hair care cosmetic, telling consumers: “If you use Subrina, you can do anything with your hair.”


Early 90s Subrina conditioners for different hair types

After Slovenia gained independence, Ilirija was returned to the Rozman family. At the time, the company enjoyed a veritable boom for hair care cosmetics and hair colours.
After the brand overhaul in 1998, an expanded Subrina collection was introduced, including shampoos and hair styling products as well as conditioners. The products were enriched with silk proteins and vitamins for additional hair care and protection. The same year saw Subrina expand its product range with a line of products for hairdressers, Subrina Professional.


The expanded range of Subrina products in 1998

In 2003, a new management board took over, taking the company in a new direction. In 2004 the Subrina brand reached an important milestone – the new company strategy made it an umbrella brand with the aim of expanding to include other kinds of body care and developing Subrina hair colours. The redesigned shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles won the Slovenian Packaging Oscar, an award presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.


The Subrina bottle that won the Packaging Oscar

With its red packaging, the overhauled Subrina brand stood for dynamism and vivacity. The new, trendy products were aimed at younger consumers, carrying the slogan: “Feel yourself, feel everything.”


A 2004 advertisement for Subrina

A year later, in 2005, the Subrina range was expanded to include the Recept line for problematic hair and scalp.


Recept and Subrina Recept shampoos from 2005 to 2014


In 2006, Ilirija acquired the Lek Kozmetika company, enhancing the development and production of cosmetic products. With an ever-expanding product range, Ilirija reinforced its position as the largest producer of cosmetics in this part of Europe.
In 2009, “red Subrina” underwent another image change, maintaining an important position in the hair care market until the present day.


Subrina hair care line from 2009

Subrina has grown from a single innovative product, a hair conditioner, into a brand that comprises a wide range of hair care and hair styling products – Subrina Recept shampoos for problematic hair, the Subrina Kids line of children’s shampoos and shower gels, Subrina Saten, Subrina Charm, Subrina Butter Colour, Subrina Spectra and Subrina Colour Refresh hair colour lines, and the Subrina body care lines.
Over the years, Subrina has become a synonym for conditioner that is widely known in Slovenia and abroad. Over almost 60 years of existence, it became synonymous with cared-for and healthy hair.
In 2014, Subrina got its today image. Ever since, we are combining outstanding tradition and long-standing know-how with the latest development trends. Our domestic Slovenian products are made at the production plant in Lendava and offer proven quality and traceability from the idea to the final product. All formulations are tested by our hairdressers on volunteers, which allows us to achieve high-level quality and competitiveness on the markets because our products are compared with those of competitive brands from the very first samples produced right through to the finished product.

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Subrina hair care

We are using well-known cosmetic active ingredients in the formulations of all Subrina products, which are some of the most effective in hair and scalp care, and always followthe latest trends in the area of cosmetic ingredients and technology. Great fragrances complement the purpose of individual products to perfection and soothe even the most demanding of consumers. We offer the highest level of quality and content at the best prices to consumers.