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Subrina sampon pure herbal

PURE HERBAL shampoo is especially formulated for normal to greasy hair. The strength of this herbal complex nurtures and revitalises hair. The sage extract regulates the secretion of sebum, whilst the hamamelis extract has anti-inflammatory properties. The chamomile extract calms a sensitive scalp. The green tea and rosemary extract revitalises the hair with the help of antioxidants. The lemon balm extract calms and nurtures the scalp. Vegan formula.




Subrina sampon classic and moistureShampoo for normal hair CLASSIC CARE & MOISTURE Nourishes and strengthens the hair. Select ingredients restore shine, while aloe vera moisturises and softness the hair. The shampoo is suitable for all types of hair. Vegan formula.


Subrina balzam classic and moistureConditioner for normal hair CLASSIC CARE & MOISTURE Nourishes the hair and restores shine. Moisturising ingredients restore hair suppleness, while minerals and vitamins in the aloe vera extract strengthen the hair and keep them shiny. Apply the conditioner onto your hair after washing and wash again thoroughly after 3 minutes. Vegan formula.