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Subrina sampon colour and shineShampoo for coloured hair COLOUR & SHINE Contains ingredients that nourish the hair, protect them against damaging external effects, restore elasticity and make them outstandingly radiant. Vitamin E and wheat proteins strengthen hair fibres, protect them against damage and refresh hair colour. Vegan formula.


Subrina balzam colour and shine

Conditioner for coloured hair COLOUR & SHINE Intensively nourishes the hair and provides colour protection and brilliant shine. Vitamin E and wheat proteins strengthen hair, restore their flexibility and vitality, and protect them against damage. Apply the conditioner onto your hair after washing and wash again thoroughly after 3 minutes. Vegan formula.




Subrina sampon colour and care 2in1Shampoo with conditioner for coloured hair COLOUR & EXTRA CARE 2 v 1 It is an intensively nourishing shampoo with conditioner that restores hair flexibility and shine. Antioxidants in the raspberry extract protect against damage, while vitamin E additionally strengthens and refreshes hair colour. Vegan formula.