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losjon za oblikovanjeTexturizing hair spray is a salt lotion spray for hair styling and texture. It is an excellent choice for creating a wavy hair look. After use, the hair will have more volume and will be easier to shape into modern styles. Apply evenly to damp or dry hair.






mat krema

Matt hair cream creates a defined texture for a natural look with no shine, protecting the hair and making it very easy to style. Apply to damp or dry hair.







Subrina Vosek za leskStyling wax energizes the hair with superior shine and restores structure and flexibility. Nourishing ingredients prevent hair from drying out and breaking. Soften the wax between the palms of your hands and apply it onto dry hair along the entire length of the hair or onto individual highlights.

Subrina styling gel wet lookStyling hair gel wet look provides an extremely shiny and wet look, and does not leave hair sticky. Hair is protected and moisturised, and the hairstyle durable.






Subrina styling gel styling and shineBrilliant hair cream creates superior hair shine, and makes hair soft and smooth. Does not leave hair sticky and allows for easy styling. Apply the cream onto wet hair and design your hairstyle.