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Subrina oil treatmentThe oil treatment contains a rich combination of three oils for hair care: macadamia oil, jojoba oil and argan oil for intense renewal of dry and damaged hair and tips. The oil is fast absorbing and it does not grease your hair; it nurtures and protects the hair from loss of moisture and aggressive factors from the environment. After applying the treatment your hair will be soft and shiny. Spread 2 to 3 drops between your palms and rub in your wet or dry hair and form.

Subrina sampon repair and careShampoo for regeneration of dry or damaged hair REPAIR & CARE contains A select combination of ingredients that regenerate hair, protect them against damage and restore shine. Keratin strengthens hair structure, while macadamia nut oil extravagantly nourishes the hair, restoring their suppleness.

Subrina balzam repair and careConditioner for regeneration of dry or damaged hair REPAIR & CARE intensively nourishes the hair with select ingredients and provides softness and brilliant shine. Keratin revitalises and strengthens damaged hair structure, while macadamia nut oil restores suppleness, smoothness and lost moisture. Apply the conditioner onto your hair after washing and wash again thoroughly after 3 minutes.