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The softness, shine and energy of the new Subrina are reflected in both the external appearance and the sophisticated formulations. In Subrina we have merged outstanding tradition and long-standing know-how that follow the latest development trends. All formulations are tested by our hairdressers on volunteers, which allows us to achieve high-level quality and competitiveness on markets because our products are compared to those of competitive brands from the very first samples produced up to the finished product.
From the year 1958, when the Ilirija company presented the first conditioner for rapid hair regeneration called Subrina on the market of the former Yugoslavia and until today, Subrina became a synonym for a conditioner that is known both in Slovenia and abroad. With Subrina hair care and styling products your hair will be soft, healthy and shiny.

Subrina WITH ME SINCE 1958

For Soft and shiny Hair

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Subrina Butter Colour 1010 ashy blonde is recommended for very light blonde* to mid blonde hair.

*On very light blonde hair it can result in more matte and colder tones.

This shade is not suitable for bleached or grey hair. IT CAN TURN OUT DISTINCTLY ASHY ON GREY HAIR.